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Post by keta on Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:52 am


If you don't know, one day I've made BV2 Prozac Mod. Now I'd just finished next Prozac. It's even more cool Very Happy

But I've faced to the problem. I want to include launcher in Prozac distribution, for auto-updates (old one is not working anymore), config fixing (no more "I can't launch babo, it tells me something about switching to fullscreen" questions) and texture management (to easily disable "simple textures" mode, switching halos, etc).

In fact, I've already wrote it. In PHP (laugh now). As a console application. It does most of the things, but it's really ugly.

If there are skilled GUI programmer who can code windowed application, please PM or email (warlabs@gmail.com) me.


Program should be able to:

  • Ask webserver for updates via GET request
  • Download files, decompress them (gzip) and check integrity (SHA1)
  • Check config file and restore protected variables
  • Make some file operations (mostly renaming)

Not so much, eh? bounce

EDIT: just realized, maybe I've put it in the wrong section?
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