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Post by Ratatosk on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:16 am

How to register:

1. Find three mates with who you want to play.
1.a. Watch out! No banned players and a maximum of two players from the same clan in the team! No exceptions!

2. Invent a team name and a team tag. It would be nice, if team members wear a different name when playing matches.

3. Vote for a team captain. The team captain is responsible for the communication between the tournament organisation and the teams. That means: The captain must have an MSN-address. No exceptions!

4. The team captain posts in this section:

-Team Name
-Team Tag
-Team Captain plus MSN-address (+tournament pseudonym)
-Three more team members (+tournament pseudonyms)

5. Tournament organisation will check the registration and validate it.
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