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Post by Ratatosk on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:23 am

In the first round of the knock-out-stage, as many teams as possible will play. In the second round, there will be byes in order to bring the remaining team number to 2^n.

After the registration deadline and after each round the tournament organization draws lots for the next rounds. The first drawn team has to choose the map first.

Game-Time: 15 mins

Flags to Capture: 7

Weapon Settings: As described here

Maps: see Map Roster

Rounds: 2

Winning condition: 1,5 or more points after 2 rounds

If result is 1-1 after 2 rounds, teams play a 3v3 Team Death Match on DM-Brutus, Kill Limit 50 frags.

The captain of the winning team posts screens of every round in the results section.

The team captains have to agree on a date and time for the match to be played. This must be posted in the "Matches" section and be validated by both captains. There is a waiting period of 15 mins. If one of the teams is not complete by then, it instantly loses. If neither team is complete, captains may play on another date - as long as it is before the rounds deadline.
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