Ladder Rules

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Ladder Rules

Post by Cyber on Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:57 pm

Game Settings :
1) All ladder games are atleast 3 vs 3.
2) All ladder games are to be the CTF gametype.
3) All ladder games are 15 minutes long.
4) All ladder rounds are first to 7 captures wins.
5) All ladder games are first team to win 2 rounds wins.

Game Play Rules

1) All players participating in the match must be legal players (see below for more info).

2) Legal players substituting in and out is allowed, but you must do so without purposely disturbing the match.

3) Teams may not be imbalanced in number on purpose. However, if a player is dropped the other team is not required to even out the teams. Although, we do encourage you to play as fair as possible.

4) If a player is dropped in the first minute of the round and no player is holding a flag, teams may call a restart. However, abusing this privalage to troll the other team is not allowed.

5) Hacking is obviously not allowed, is someone is caught hacking the player will be banned from the ladder and if any other player from the same team does it again the whole team will be banned from it.
Legal Players

1) Players participating must have the following:

1. Their name on the roster.
2. The clan's tag/symbol.

2) If you are not using your roster's name, the opposite team has the right to ask who you are. And you must answer honestly otherwise the opposite team can complain 'bout it.

3) Players may NOT join a game if their clan is not participating in the match itself. It's clan vs clan only!

4) Any player caught on two different teams will be banned from the ladder and the teams will lose 1 winning point each. If the same team are caught a second time using an "illigal" player, the whole team will be banned from the ladder.

5) For the question of map picking, the higher ranked one pick for first and the opponent picks the colour after that it's time to pick for the team and going on consequently

Ladder System

Ladder points are based on an ELO system, it was born to calculate the relative force of chess players but it is used even for other stuffs if you want to know more :

The winning team has to report the match on the 'European CTF Ladder' within' all of the screenshoots or it will be considerated as a void in case of complains by the other team.

If there's something wrong, i mean anything you've the Squad Section where you can ask whatever you want relevant for ladder, admins will get on it as soon as possible.

Feel free to challenge someone you want to fight with on the Squad Section.

Remember to follow all of these easy rules, we made this to bring some more competition on Babo.

We hope you'll bring your clan there and start laddering as soon as possible.

Cheers, Ladder Staff.

P.S If it will be needed rules will be updated.
If you have any suggestions to make it work better we'll consider it, contact us within Pms or Msn, this is like a Beta Version so there might be some changes later.
I am a Babo in real life!
I am a Babo in real life!

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