Windows 7 installed, red ping

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Re: Windows 7 installed, red ping

Post by nemo on Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:37 pm

Yo guys , I have a new computer with Windows 7 and when i play babo , i have a red ping ! But i think my new connection is good :S help me pls :S
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Re: Windows 7 installed, red ping

Post by Crapper on Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:31 pm

In case you have another PC in the home where Win 7sin't installed but XP instead (or another OS entirely), try installing Babo on that one and run it. If you still have a red ping, it's probably the connection you need to look at.

- Still red ping-

1: You need to see if any ports are forwarded.

2: There has been known issues with Win7 and online games due to microsoft error reporting.
To change it open control panel. Type: "schedule" in the search box and click on "Schedule Tasks". The task scheduler should appear.

Find the following:
- Task Scheduler Library
- Microsoft
- Windows
- Windows Error Reporting

Click on the Conditions tab. Tick the box which says "start the task only if the computer is idle for: <number>". Select a number (ie. chose 1 hour). Tick the next two boxes. This should make Windows Error Reporting activate after 1 hour of idleness and not during use of the PC.

3: Some nforce4 chipsets don't control the ethernet port very well, try to move the net cable to another port and update your drivers.

report back if it works and post your specs of the PC (motherboard, CPU, RAM...) to find out this, use SIW (just google it)

- Crapper

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