UPDATE : Rosters modifies / rule

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UPDATE : Rosters modifies / rule

Post by Cyber on Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:19 pm

Okay it's very simple, the rule that asked to keep rosters clean and updated hasn'tbeen working that much, so since now for every match which is going to be posted there'll be a roster check up.
Eventually if there'll be any faults on the rosters the losing team can call a void.
To make it clear, CLAN A plays CLAN B,
CLAN B finds out a lack on CLAN A's roster,
CLAN B call a void , there's not going to be any change on the standings, expect for CLAN A which will fix its roster.
It's clear that if the error belongs to the LOSING TEAM there'll be just a roster adjustment.

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I am a Babo in real life!

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